About Sitecrew

Sitecrew Limited is a freelance website development company who have developed a wide range of websites for individuals, small-to-medium businesses, charities and schools, as well as providing development services for other website designers.

Sitecrew is primarily the work of Peter Grove who has a background in computing and software development spanning more than 30 years and whose website development skills include PHP, MySQL, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery.

Sitecrew Limited is a registered Limited Company in England and Wales but operate primarily from Normandy in France where they are registered as an Auto-Entrepreneur.

Sitecrew occasionally work with other website design agencies or graphic artists, particularly Beck Creative commercial photography services and Kirsty Willette artist and illustrator. Learn more through the pages of this site or contact us for more detail.

Please note that as of mid 2015, Sitecrew is no longer seeking new clients but will continue to maintain and support existing ones.

Contact Details

If you would like to know more about Sitecrew's website services, or if you are an existing customer in need of support, you can contact us via one of the routes below. Please note that email or the French contact details are the best ones to use...

Sitecrew Limited (France)

La Lande Laurent
St. Clement Rancoudray
0(033) 233 5000 64

Sitecrew Limited (UK)

15 Harewelle Way
MK43 7DW
United Kingdom